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You don’t have to be an Engineer to recruit an Engineer,  but we possess the know-how to recruit Engineers. ESC thrives on our highly effective people skills to work within many industries. Our team can assist clients and delivers a consultative approach to recruiting. We value our clients and the importance of creating customized solutions to fit the hiring needs of a vast market.


ESC can become an extension of your recruitment efforts or act as your full life cycle recruitment function or a portion thereof.  ESC Account Managers work directly with our clients to determine the specific needs of a permanent hire, including all logistical details and desired employee “fit.” After establishing a tailored job description and position requirements, our recruitment team goes to work sourcing and screening long-term candidates for our clients. ESC customizes these searches along with our pricing.  ALL factors determine the cost, and ESC will propose fees by percentage or flat fee depending on the hiring scenario.  All Direct Placement scenarios come with a full money-back guarantee if our client is unsatisfied.


Our recruitment team locates qualified candidates to fill the gap during critical hiring needs, special projects, temporary assignments, maternity or medical leave, or trial periods. ESC will source and tailor a solution to match each client’s needs, whether a candidate is required for two weeks, three months, or one year.


The contract-to-hire option allows for a “trial run” with the candidate. Clients are billed based on hours worked by the candidate. Our contract-to-hire candidates receive an hourly wage and no additional fringe benefits during the contracted assignment. We utilize this approach to ensure that candidates are committed to ultimately becoming permanent employees at the client location. The goal behind the contract-to-hire option is to ensure a win-win for all parties involved by allowing each party to explore the other’s work habits and work environment fully. Additionally, we charge no additional “buyout” to customers after the negotiated contract period has been met.


ESC utilizes web-based skills testing to assess candidate competencies in many areas. We offer a variety of web-based assessments to identify and select talent based on specific criteria.

Web-based skills testing is included at no additional cost to our customers and candidates and ensures that candidate qualifications meet the skill requirements for individual client openings. Assessment features include:

Thousands of tests for clerical, customer service, proofreading, math, software, industrial, financial, and technical job classifications.

Availability via the Internet with fully interactive Desktop Application tests without plug-ins or firewall issues.

Randomization of questions, test and group customization capabilities, and enhanced reporting capabilities.

Free Learning Tools: Tested candidates will receive complimentary Microsoft Office application tutorials.



Educated Solutions Corp promotes simplicity, flexibility, and quality at a low cost to distinguish our services from our competition.

A straightforward business plan that benefits all parties. We assure our clients fully comprehend our business model and the services we provide before doing business.


Customization of contracts to meet the unique hiring needs of each client. This level of flexibility allows our clients to work within a budget and project timeline.


We guarantee excellence. We are willing to redefine job descriptions and screening methods to locate an ideal client/candidate match striving for high-quality results.


We can meet or beat our competitor’s prices. Our willingness to work within clients’ budgetary constraints heightens positive relationship development.



We believe ESC is genuinely “good at people,” so we want to know more about you than what is listed on your resume... please explore this website to learn more about us, OR contact any of our ESC recruiters so we can know more about each other.

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